Jul 2018

Why decant? An imminent process

Drinking wine is just the right thing to do when you want to relax or take a bit of time out for yourself. People from all around the world know about the perks of drinking wine and it’s a good way to spend a time with your close ones and discuss all the important matters of life.

There are many different types of wines available to choose from and many people have rather peculiar interests when coming to taste of the wine and different states have different styles to serve the wine.

Decanting is an important process that is done while serving the wine. Many people consider this an unimportant process and believe that it is not that much-needed but as said above the wine lovers have a peculiar interest when it comes to the wine taste and its serving techniques.

A common technique that is told is that open the bottle of wine and let it has the oxygen for five minutes and then pour it in the glass and start drinking but have you ever considered that how much the oxygen wine takes in and gets mixed with when it is in the bottle and considering the size of the bottle, you will come to know that it has very limited space available. Thus the wine doesn’t get the proper amount to get the required taste.


The process of prestige decanters started a long time ago and people have done this to get the good taste. The process of decanting is not as simple as it seems to be. There are many checks that you need to consider while starting the process. Decanting consists of basically two main steps which are as following

  • Aeration
  • Separation


Aeration is a process that is done to make the wine oxygenated. Obviously, people do the process of oxygenation but in decanting it has more importance and it is done by shifting the wine into another container called the decanters. The shifting of the wine from one container to another makes the wine more oxygenated. There are different types of decanters available that have different size and shapes to get the wine more oxygenated.


Separation, however, is a different process than aeration. Normally the people open the bottle of wine and let it be that way for some time and don’t shift it to another container. The older wine develops sediments that are at the bottom of the bottle and if they reach your glass, they produce a pretty bitter taste and thus the essence of the wine is lost. So in decantation, when the wine is shifted to the decanter, the wine is separated from those sediments and thus the chance of the bitter taste of wine vanishes.

After performing the above two steps, the wine gets its life by the oxygen and the shifting of the wine to the decanter separates the sediments and the wine is ready for drinking.


There are many benefits associated to decanting of the wine but the people usually overlook the aspects and they don’t really know the reasons that why the wine in the restaurant tasted better than the wine they have kept at the house and it’s pretty old as well.

The reason for this is the decanting of the wine. The restaurant owners pretty much know the importance of decantingthe wine and they also have experts with them that do the decanting, so yes, it will obviously taste better.

Another benefit is that you can turn a cheap wine into a great wine by decanting because it changes the taste a lot. People usually love a clear red glass of wine to drink and there are sometime sediments present in the glass of wine and people leave it, getting a new glass of removing it by some tool. Decanting is the process that basically removes all the sediments so you can have a clear glass of wine to enjoy, but this process needs to be handled carefully.


There are different types of decanters available in the market to choose from. Depending upon the size and shapes and the level of exoticness that you wish, a lot of variety is there. Choose a decanter that is easy to handle and easy to pour the wine into other containers. A fancy decanter not doing its function properly is a waste of money.

Try out yourself and find the magic of decanting after the above-mentioned instructions mentioned above and its’ pretty sure that you will be inspired.

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