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The happier you are, the healthier you get

With body positivity gaining rapid acceptance, what most people seek today is a healthier lifestyle rather than a slimmer self. It is the concept that promotes appreciation for all body types.


And to live healthily, we need to bring about a balance in both physical and mental health. The human body is a highly engineered process and is full of surprises.


We are constantly fed new (surprising) information from studies about the wonders of our being. Here are 15 useful and lesser-known facts about the human health.


But remember, we still have a long way to go.


15 Health facts that we should be aware of


  1. Sugar is as dangerous to your health as cigarettes

Here’s a sad (nay! heartbreaking) news for the sweet tooth. Indulging in sweet treats or giving way to those dessert craving can be dangerous to your health. They can be as bad as lighting up those cigarettes or even consuming alcohol.


  1. An hour’s power nap can make you happier much than earning $50,000

If you are under the perception that a better job with a larger salary can make you happy, chances are you may be highly mistaken, my friend. Recent findings suggest that getting an extra hour of sleep every day brings more satisfaction than a hike in your daily income.


  1. Exercise alone cannot make you slim

Sorry to break the ice, but if you think you can get slim by just committing to exercise or hitting the gym (Looking for the best gym in Jaipur? Try Fit O’ Clock) every day, it does not go that way. Weight management is a combination of dietary changes and workouts blended together.


  1. Chew gum to pump up your brain

Didn’t get the time to have your morning coffee? Try a piece of mint-flavored chewing gum instead. It will do the same trick for you. It can heal your tiredness almost instantly and make you feel more alert. Chew your way into improving memory power.


  1. Fight depression with coffee

With depression becoming a serious health concern among the youth today, here’s something you can do about it. Drinking up to four cups of caffeinated coffee a day can reduce depression by 20% in women. And are also less likely to commit suicide.


  1. Both public toilets and ATM booths are equally dirty

Though we do not withdraw money from ATMs as often, how often do we wash our hands after using them? Almost never. According to cleanliness tests carried out by various agencies, both cash machines and public toilets had the same bacteria!


  1. A sitting job can make you die early

Stuck at your desk 10-hours a day? You are prone to 48 percent increase in death risk. It’s time that you change your lifestyle. Take regular breaks at the office. Try incorporating five minutes of physical activities every hour.


  1. Claustrophobic? Smell an apple

Not just keeping the doctors away, an apple a day can also prevent claustrophobia. Sniffing a green apple can help you take your mind off stress when stuck in a confined space. It can also heal headaches and migraines.


  1. Exercise when you are tired

Make it a priority to drag yourself to the gym after a long day at work. Research says it can improve your cardiovascular health, make your heart healthy and pump more energy. Team it up with moderate intensity exercises to additionally fight fatigue and depression.


  1. Sleep in the dark to avoid depression

According to results after an experiment carried out in Japan with more than 860 elderly people, even a small trace of light can lead to anxiety and stress in the human mind. Lights can disrupt the internal biological clocks and cause depression. Try to turn off all your devices before going to bed.


  1. Bodybuilding won’t make you the Incredible Hulk

Bummer! Bodybuilding is only related to the expansion of muscles and has very little to do with physical strength. (For incredible muscles training, hit the best fitness center in Raja Park, Jaipur). Excessive muscle growth produces less physical strength compared to non-bodybuilders.


  1. Need better figure? Stay single! *wink*

It’s quite obvious actually. People in relationships tend to gain more weight compared to single people (plus widowed and divorced). Even though couples plan more balanced diets, they end up eating larger portions of food. Also, most married people do not feel the need to stay slim anymore.


  1. Sleep naked rather than in your pajamas

Sleeping naked is good for your health. First, it keeps your body temperature under control, second to produce hormones that can keep your skin and hair healthy, third, lesser risk of fungal infections, fourth, better blood circulation and finally increases intimacy with a partner.


  1. Ditch morning jogs for evening walks

Those evening walks can keep you more fit than your morning jogs. Our body temperature reaches its peak in the evening thus giving more flexibility. It results in better functioning of the lungs as well.


  1. Treat yourselves with facials whenever you can

The facial is not just a spa retreat. Health benefits include skin regeneration, better blood flow, flush toxins, ease nasal and sinus decongestion. Therefore, hit the spa whenever you can!


Note: With so much information around, it can be difficult to keep up. Why not take baby steps at a time? Results will surprise you.

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