Jul 2018

My career advice for the ones entering the professional world


From an early age to adolescence, one might deviate from the path of career they want to follow. One day you’re aspiring to become a scientist, the next day, you’re a pilot. Career Development choices vary from person to person. As everyone doesn’t hold the same passion for, let’s say, being in the same field (businessman) as their family, they might choose to pursue something totally different. An acquaintance belonging to a family of businessmen wanted to study Law but he was forced to pursue a career in his family’s business as he was an only heir to their business throne. Well, let’s just end by saying that things didn’t go so well for him… To avoid such huge mistakes that will not only ruin your career but your life as well by making you look like a failure, one must go after what they desire. Do not let them tell you any different. If you’ve dreamed it, nothing in this world can stop you from achieving it. Chase your dreams and make them come true. Yes, going up to that level will take time as no one became successful overnight but, once you’ve made a decision about the career you want to pursue, stick to it.

Changes are truly inevitable if you don’t find yourself blooming in that field of career you chose for yourself. But no one said you shouldn’t risk it, after all life is all about the risks that we take.

Rule no. 1

Be your own self! People will bring you down no matter what. When I announced in my family that I aspired to become a blogger, I was looked down upon. A family of CAs and businessmen didn’t see this happening on their radar, but it happened. I followed my dreams of becoming one and here I am, giving a dose of motivation and career advice to you all! Don’t be ashamed to tell others about what path of career you aim to walk on, it’s your life; set your heart and do it.

Rule no. 2

Go to a career counselor. You are good enough to make your own decisions but sometimes a little help or an advice from an experienced person can take you to places. By going to a career counselor, you will be able to get rid of all the confusions your mind is blowing up with. You will be clear about what you want to do in life. Once you’ll get the composure, you’ll be able to relax and take yourself to where you belong.

Rule no. 3

Don’t be afraid to switch a job that you don’t like. It’s okay. Yes, things might not end up the way we had planned but never feel hesitant to try something new. You might get bored with the same thing, where you don’t see yourself growing or progressing in the coming years and it is totally okay. So, if you feel like you must get an upgrade on your career, get it and don’t settle down for less.

Rule no. 4

Risk it! Yes, taking risks might be considered stupid and if taking a risk goes bad, you will look like nothing but an imbecile. For success, one must take all the risks they can. Even if you fail, you will experience a lot of things. You’ll learn something new which will benefit your future in one way or another. Success might not be guaranteed with taking risks but experience surely is!

Rule no. 5

Don’t give up! You’ll get exhausted, you’ll hate everything and you’ll feel like a failure but trust me, climbing the ladder of success has never proven to be easy for anyone. When you look at your inspirations, your role models, remember that they had to suffer a lot to get to the point where they are today. It’s never easy for anyone. The successful ones never give up. They hold on to themselves as long as they can and they make it happen. We might see it like they got everything easily but as they say; “it’s a lot easier said than done”, so instead of whining about how difficult it is, put all your hard work in it without giving up.

Here’s my career advice for all the ones aspiring to become role models for our generations to come. Just keep on going and one day, you will get there! Be brave and be optimistic for finding Jobs in Pakistan

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