May 2018

How To Transfer 8 Ball Pool Coins (New trick 2018)

Today in this post you will learn about 8 Ball Pool coins transfer trick.Coins transfer trick it is very easy but many people have confusion that how to connect game in both table with each others quickly.so today i am here to fix your issue with just simple steps.The steps are give below you can read it carefully.

How To Transfer 8 Ball Pool Coins

  • You need two mobiles to transfer coins from one account to another account.
  • Take the two mobiles and download the 8 Ball Pool game on both mobile.
  • If you want to top the league of 8 Ball Pool and you want free cash of 8 ball pool then click on this link 8 Ball Pool League Trick 2018.
  • Install it on your android mobile.
  • You need to download the old version of 8 Ball Pool which is work now a days properly.
  • When you have done the above steps so now login two different accounts in both mobiles.
  • Now the important step is this that how you connect the game with each other just in one click.Every one have a lot of problems when he try to connect the game with each others the game is connect with some other one.So follow the below steps to connect game in just one click.
    How To Connect Game In Just One Click
  • Select the same cue in both account E.G black hole cue in both account.if you want to free 8 Ball Pool legendary cue then click here 8 Ball Pool 9 Legendary Account Giveaway (Participate Now Hurry Up)
  • Now you need to check the same players in both account if the players are not same then
  • minimize the game and re-open it again.If again the players are not same you repeat this step again.
  • When you have done first two steps same cue and same players now connect the game on any table which you want click play on both account at same time.
  • Congrats your both account is connected with each other now you can transfer 8 Ball Pool coins to your other account according to your need.

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