May 2018

Best Ways To Remove Adware From Your Computer

Advertisement campaign is the primary source of online revenue. Often companies rely on such promotions to boost their product and services to potential audiences.


Catching one’s attention is the primary motive of advertisements which has unfortunately resulted in the birth of Adware. The market of Adware is continuously evolving with each passing day.


What is Adware?

Adware is short of “advertisement software.” Aims to grab your eye in any capacity it can. Pop-ups, pennants, toolbars, and notifications are common adware exercises.


Adware’s are the unwanted program that stuffs your PC screen with promotional content like discount coupons, ads, pop-up banners. Additionally, it also results in multiple redirects to unknown websites promoting commercial products.


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The primary motive of adware program is to earn illegal income for its creators. Adware is designed to grab user’s attention and boost the traffic on their website. Furthermore, Adware programs can also impose serious security concerns on online users by stealing users browsing related information and confidential data.


Targeted Browsers

  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Google Chrome


Here are a few typical significant signs that you have adware on your computer:

  • Promotional ads and banners show up in places they shouldn’t be.
  • Default parameters of your browser page have strangely changed without your authorization.
  • Website pages that you frequently visit are not showing appropriately.
  • The site joins divert to locales unique to what you anticipated.
  • Your web program starts crawling.
  • New toolbars, extensions, plugins, augmentations, or modules all of a sudden populate your program.
  • Your PC begins repeatedly starts introducing undesirable programming applications.
  • Your program crashes with repeated screen freezing abnormalities.


Is adware dangerous?

In itself, adware isn’t unsafe. It is only annoying because of its nosy strategies.


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Hackers are using adware infection to perform various destructive actions nowadays. At times it is used to track browsing activities while some adware is designed to collect data based on your browsing history.

Additionally, it may also redirect you to shady and unsafe websites. Adware becomes a serious concern when it is used to access critical personal information like bank details and login credentials.


How can you avoid Adware? Prevention and Protection tips

Unfortunately, there are no methods which ensure complete system security is its capacity.

Below mentioned are few of the underlying computing hygiene’s, which when followed will lessen the risk of adware attack.


Exercise Safe Browsing

Careless online activities can result in a compromised computer system. Below cited are few of the methods to be followed.


  1. Always use a secure network:  Genuine and safe URLs reads as “HTTPS” and not “HTTP.”  Users are advised to avoid using public and open source networks as they are often contaminated and filled with malicious system threats.
  2. Ensure logging out successfully of essential sites: Many e-shopping sites ask you to login to your online banking page using your login credentials.  Ensure that every time you log in to such sites, you logout successfully as leaving them like that may impose serious security concerns.


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Be careful of Social Engineering


Social engineering techniques are widely being used by cyber crooks to spread adware worldwide. Proper awareness will protect you from becoming victims of adware attack.


  • Be watchful of Spam Emails: it is highly essential to check the genuineness of all emails that you receive. Check the source of the mail, the attachments included in its body and also look out for any unusual looking hyperlinks or text files.


Spam email is the most prominent method used by cybercriminals for spreading system threats. Be attentive and stay safe from spam emails.


Fill security gaps

Security gaps leverage computer vulnerabilities making it defenseless. Here are few useful methods that will protect your computer system against all the odds.


  • Enable Pop-up Blockers– False notifications, software update alerts, and pop-up ads are prominent carriers of adware infections. Using an excellent pop-up blocker blocks all such exploits ensuring complete system safety.
  • Periodic system updates- Security researchers keep releasing updates to patch system vulnerabilities. Regularly updating your operating system, browsers and extensions arm your system against all zero-day threats.
  • Remove unwanted programs: Stuffing your computer system with old and legacy programs makes it an easy target for cybercriminals. All such old and obsolete programs should be removed.


Multi-Layered security system

Precaution is better than cure, this finds relevance in most of the cases but does not guarantee 24/7 protection against system virus.

Cybersecurity researchers highly recommend the use of system protection utilities like adware removal tool to keep away all unknown threats from entering your PC.

The best way to keep your system safe is to avoid adware virus in the first place. Proper email protocol and system hygiene combined with a sound system security program will keep your system protected on a real-time basis.

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